About Us

We are a family in chaotic, disarray.  Or at least we used to be…

Due to multiple outside distractions, 2 years of owning our own business, too much technology and too little quality time, we have become a family we don’t recognize.  The kids were always bickering.  We were overwhelmed.  We have never been like this before.  We were idly sitting by while in auto pilot.

Why live our lives like this?  Why pass the iPhone to the baby when he begs for it?  So, why are we inside when we could be outside?  When did we start eating dinner in front of the TV?  How can we, the parents, call quality time watching reality shows?  Something had to change…

Now to the experiment: we wanted to be Epic, not ordinary.  Our version of Epic means living our lives like we have always intended.  Epic is: talking about ideas and making them happen, getting outdoors whenever possible, no matter the weather, spending quality time together, making art, helping our neighbors, limiting our technology time, making music together, reading more… The possibilities are infinite.

Here are the rules:

  • We have a meeting every 2 weeks to plan our activities and adventures
  • We have a weekly meeting to check in and make sure everyone’s needs are being met
  • Every meal is eaten at the table
  • During dinner we really talk about our day, not just say that our day was “good”
  • We read to the kids every night
  • As a couple, we ditch the TV for books and real discussions
  • We fulfill a monthly outreach in our community

Here is a link to the full break down of our planning meetings.



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