Our Kindergarten Graduate

Our sweet Max has officially graduated from Kindergarten.  He is the whole reason we started a kindergarten program this past year at our school.  Max, along with our other two children, is also the reason we opened Little Bird Preschool in the first place.  It was my hope to get to spend as much time with them in an environment that I helped create.

Max started his year slightly behind academically but miles ahead artistically.  He finished on top and is now a great reader and loves all things learning.  Since his birthday is September 1 (and actually makes the state cutoff for kindergarten) we always knew we would keep him home an extra year.  However when the chance came to teach him at our school, we jumped on it.  I am so glad for the opportunity to have been able to be his teacher.  We shared such sweet moments.

Here he is growing up at Little Bird
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And here is a sample of his favorite things he made this year
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Max, we love you to the moon and back. We are so glad you have chosen to remain with us at school for another year.

One thought on “Our Kindergarten Graduate

  1. Oh my gosh! That is magnificent! You guys are such amazing parents and teachers! What a fantastic opportunity you guys have created for your children and yiur family! I couldn’t be prouder! Every kid should have the chance to grow and learn at their own pace and excell in what they are good at/interesred in most! I wish every kid had parents like you! Congratulations on such a fine job, not only for him, Ethan, and Maddie, but all the other kids lucky enough to be able to go to Little Bird!
    (He’s adorable also!) Great job!

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