Our First Camper Adventure

The Epic Family has been very busy lately between life and self employment, but we have also squeezed a few adventures in the middle of the rush.

We are gearing up for a long journey, in July, and decided to buy a camper to for our trip.  We are taking a month-long trip and were planning on staying in a tent half of the time and hotels for the rest.  We figured that the cost of our modest camper would equal the cost of lodging.  So, it was basically a wash.

We took our camper for its first trip a few weeks ago.  We had an awesome time and can not wait for our trip.  We slept so much better than tent camping.  Sara is now dreaming of tiny home living once again…pdc_camping_denver 017
It took way too long to figure out how to mount the support poles! pdc_camping_denver 055pdc_camping_denver 019
We went on a short hike and played in the river.pdc_camping_denver 025 pdc_camping_denver 027 pdc_camping_denver 028pdc_camping_denver 034
We need a healthy alternative to s’mores.  Any ideas?pdc_camping_denver 041
Sara got us out of bed to do some water color painting as the sun was setting.  We all really got into this activity.pdc_camping_denver 045 pdc_camping_denver 046 pdc_camping_denver 052
Overall, the weekend went well and we are definitely looking forward to the next time we get to venture out.

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