Maddie is 8!

It is hard to believe that our middle child just turned eight.  She is so mature beyond her years that she seems much older.  From the day she took her first breath, she has been spunky, strong-willed and such a brilliant, creative little one.  She continues to be that way to this day.  Her ideas are so grand and endless.  She never ceases to amaze us.
coopsettinguptree maddies bday morning 234 coopsettinguptree maddies bday morning 237 maddie's party 014 maddie's party 018 maddie's party 034maddie's party 032Per her request, she a had a skate and spa party.  The girls were up until 2 a.m. partying!

We wish the best for her and pray that she can achieve all of her dreams, no matter how eccentric they may seem.  Maddie is such a good sister and daughter.  Oh, how we love her.

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