Our First Big Camping Trip

For Labor Day weekend, we decided to attempt our first big camping trip since Max was born.  We have camped close to home and in our back yard but just a few times.  We also surprised the kiddos with a trip to the Albuquerque Zoo.

I decided to embarrass the kids and wear this robe in the hotel lobby to check out.  Pranking is a family tradition.
birthdayboys_camping 147 birthdayboys_camping 150

We didn’t get to see everything we wanted to see but had a great time at the zoo and aquarium.
birthdayboys_camping 204 birthdayboys_camping 220 birthdayboys_camping 221 birthdayboys_camping 231 birthdayboys_camping 240 birthdayboys_camping 274 birthdayboys_camping 277 birthdayboys_camping 280 birthdayboys_camping 296

Taos Ski Valley is a great place to camp and it is also free.  We are already day dreaming of many more camping trips to this place.birthdayboys_camping 322 birthdayboys_camping 326 birthdayboys_camping 327

We set out for an all day hike but Maddie quickly decided that she was not going to participate.  Ultimately, Sara, Max and Maddie turned around and headed down the mountain while Ethan and I journeyed on.  birthdayboys_camping 343 birthdayboys_camping 349 birthdayboys_camping 361 birthdayboys_camping 368 birthdayboys_camping 373 birthdayboys_camping 394

Sara wanted to prank the tourists.  She actually looked like a local in this outfit.birthdayboys_camping 404

Overall, this was an amazing experience!  We loved spending two nights tent camping and being in the midst of so much nature.  We found that our trip went smoother when we just hung out, read books and played games at the camp site instead of trying venture out.

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  1. That looks like lots of fun! You guys are a crackup! Max looks so much older already! maybe it’s the haircut. ???? we are going to go camping for thanksgiving…love you guys! Awesome family!

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