Birthday Boys

As we write this, September is almost over.  Our baby, turned 5 on September 1st and our first born turned 12 on the 14th.  As always , I (Sara) got a bit emotional the night before their birthdays, recalling all the details of their birth story and crying over the fact that they are one year older, ha!

These boys of ours are each so different, yet so similar.  They have a gentle nature about them with quite a bit of goofiness thrown in.  Ethan is into football this year and enjoys hanging out with his friends.  While Max is really into animals (even though he is terrified of just about every one he comes in contact with) and is also an amazing artist.

For his traditional birthday shirt, Max helped me with the shark design.
birthdayboys_camping 056 birthdayboys_camping 061
Oh, how I love you my little Max.  You bring such joy to my days. birthdayboys_camping 077birthdayboys_camping 086 birthdayboys_camping 095birthdayboys_camping 111
They chose to have a joint party at a local gym filled with trampolines.  birthdayboys_camping 418 birthdayboys_camping 459 birthdayboys_camping 460 birthdayboys_camping 480 birthdayboys_camping 435
A sleepy Ethan checking out his birthday table.  It is a tradition to have a few small gifts  along with a few baby albums set out for the birthday child to find in the morning.
birthdayboys_camping 488 birthdayboys_camping 494
Upon Ethan’s request, we took him on a special lunch outing to a Japanese steak house. birthdayboys_camping 518
Another birthday tradition is a quick trip to Chuck E. Cheese to play a few games and spend time with family.  This must have started 10 years ago! birthdayboys_camping 540
Ethan on his 6th birthday…  My, where does the time go?  sept 202
Ethan, was able to invite a few friends to play paintball this past weekend to finish up his celebrations.  His smile says it all!birthdayboys_camping 565 birthdayboys_camping 566
We are so blessed to be their parents and to be the ones who get to share this journey with them.  We feel so fortunate that they are both homeschooling this year.  The extra time spent with them each day is an amazing thing.

Happy Birthday boys.  May your year be filled with many adventures!  We love you both more than you will ever know.

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