A method to the madness

Warning:  geeky post is commencing now.

At work, we use a management methodology called Agile.  Sara and I decided that we could grab this philosophy in order to help structure our family meetings.

Here is our version of how Agile is going to work for us:

  • We meet up every night at the dinner table and talk about our day.  This is the equivalent to a daily ‘Stand Up’ in Agile.
  • We meet up weekly to check in with everyone and monitor progress.
  • Every other week, we meet up to plan our next 2 weeks.  This would be called a Sprint in Agile.  During the planning meeting, we have a reflection and retrospective meeting where everyone has input on how things went.  Then, we are forced to evaluate our practices and refine them if needed.
  • Then, we see if everything was completed.  If it wasn’t, we discuss the impediments and figure out how to avoid future problems.
  • One of the fundamental factors of Agile is to allow the “team” (children) to be self organized.  The parents will help remove impediments; but, ultimately, the team is in charge of their own “work.”  At the end of the day, we know what needs to be done and we know that we have to do it.  We all have to chip in.

We never intend to plan everything that we do throughout the day.  We merely use our plan as an underlying guide to the things that have to be done in a 2 week period and continue this until we reach the ultimate goal after 1 year.

Sara and I had our first kick off meeting and lined out a few things and came up with a strong, unified goal: We have to bring our family back together  in order to be epic.  We narrowed the goals even further and came up with this:

  • Our one year goal is: To become a more united, fun, outdoor oriented, caring, helpful family
  • Our first 2 week goal is: To begin our life as an Epic Family

I think the goals are easily reachable.  It will just take a quick attitude shift.

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  1. I’m really curious to see how this works out for you. Is there a way to subscribe to the blog so I can follow and learn more?

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