November at a Glance

November flew by, as all the months seem to do.  We enjoyed spending time with our family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We were disappointed though that we were unable to camp or even go hiking due to the busyness of our days over the break.

Here are a few pictures of our happenings

Max and Maddie stared soccer back up.   Ethan and his friend helped coach Max’s team (though they faded out quickly).

Homeschool days with our friend.

A boy and his dog, we are so glad Max got over his fear of dogs.

Maddie wants to be a chef/baker so bad.  We don’t normally allow sugary treats in the house so this was a special day for her as she was able to bake many treats.

Visiting the fam

Time to put up the tree!

We are so very thankful for this life and all the abundance of love and goodness that comes with raising three children.

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