Halloween 2017

Wow, our life seems to be one big blur right now.  John’s new job has him working well past bedtime every night.  I am basically navigating this parenting gig solo.  Due to this, some nights dinner is at 8:30, yikes!
We cling to the moments we get to all be together.  Things feel far from Epic, but we do have plenty of good times thrown in as well!

Finally carving pumpkins, the night before Halloween!  Max did this one all on his own!  I forget he is not so little anymore.

As I was typing this and uploading photos, I was reminded of how much we actually achieved this month.  It feels like we did nothing together…

Here are some of our October happenings:
We made it to Canyon’s,  fall festival on the square.

We made it to Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm and were able to play for 45 mins before a huge storm hit!

Max went on a  homeschool field trip to a different pumpkin farm and the two littles went roller skating.  Max wanted to try the big kid skates and did really well!

We were able to fit in a hiking trip and a round of laser tag!

Of course, we picked out pumpkins!

And finally we celebrated Halloween!  The kids went to a carnival one night and then on the big night we went to a few cool houses, walked our street and had a bonfire in the back yard!  It was a lovely night!

In the end, it was a really great month, even if the parents felt like they were drowning at times!!

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