Ethan Turns 14!

Our first born turned 14 this week.  It is truly crazy how time flies by.  I have been a wreck crying over the fact that he only has 4-5 summer vacations with us.

Ethan is a very talented child who we are so proud of.  He continues to make straight A’s, has made the football team, basketball team and all region choir so far this year.  He keeps us running all over town with all his happenings.  Most days we have to shut down something or other that he is cooking up with friends!  He has a big love for God and his friends and is working on his love for his siblings.  Ethan loves his hair and can still be found fixing his hair many times a day.  We know he will be a great man soon and we are cherishing the time we still have with him.

Early morning birthday breakfast

A visit from the grandparents and dinner at Kabuki

He asked for a big home party this year and big it was.  He had 19 kids show up for his party!  They seemed to have a good time.  We loaded up on junk food and pizza.  I was shocked that we had so much food left over.

What a sweet, handsome boy!

May you have a wonderful year Ethan and many more to come.  You are loved more than you know.  I know it is hard being the oldest child!

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