Max Turns 7

Another year has passed for our youngest child, Max.  We had a wonderful time celebrating this victory!  Max is the sweetest child we have ever raised!  He has a real compassion for others and loves to cuddle his Mama daily.  He has changed a lot over a year’s time.  He is not so timid of life and is now a bit more into “boy” things like Ninjago, video games and Power Rangers (of course that could be because of all the T.V. he watched this summer).   He still has his two baby dolls and often asks me to play family with him.  It is the sweetest thing the way he looks after them!  One of his favorite things to do is play in his room with his family and he can’t get enough of board games (we raised him well)!  He Is a complete artist and draws incredible pictures.  He also makes really creative things out of bits of trash.  We can’t wait to see what this boy becomes later in life. But of course don’t want to rush these magical years.

We spent the last week of August making a piñata for his party.  Though we were frantically adding the wire and tissue paper to the top minutes before the party started!

As always, I made him a birthday shirt and stayed up until 1 doing so.  When will I ever learn to make their shirts a week before?

We took him out to get a big cookie, to share of course!  We love The Bagel Place cookies!
He received his birthday blessing right alongside of his Godparents.

Then it was party day!  He chose to have a Power Rangers party.  We played many games and had a Morphin good time.  I love home parties because you get to be a bit more creative with the activities.

Max, may you continue to stay humble and kind.  You are loved far more than you know!  Here’s to a great year!  We love you!

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