August 2017

August was a crazy busy month for us Epic Parents.  Work seemed never-ending.  We had to train 4 new employees due to our old staff heading off to college.  We normally train one new teacher a year but four teachers within days/weeks of each other was insane!  We made it through just in time for school to start!

August around our house probably was not very Epic, there are very few photos taken…

Maddie won a young writer’s award.  She received 1st place!  She wrote a story about girls swimming in a pool and being sucked into a new dimension.  We were so proud for her!

We sent the older kids off to school.

Max had a few more weeks before he started his two day school, Tandem.   We soaked up the sun in our tree house, read books and played many board games.

Although Max didn’t get to officially start homeschool until mid September due to all the training Sara had to do at the preschool.  
We set up our new Bus Lab studio!  We are thrilled this space will be used again and we are even more thrilled with this new adventure!

And, Ethan could still be found shooting hoops until it got dark out.  He wasn’t quite ready to give up the summertime freedom! Usually there is a group of 3-5 boys playing right alongside him.

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