July 2017

After our quick vacation, John and I hit the ground running with work.  We didn’t have much time to be Epic, sadly and the kids got hooked up to the T.V. again.  We are writing this post on November 4th, even though I will time stamp it as July…  Things are still crazy busy around here and us parents are starting to name this period in time “Epic Fail.”  More on that later!

We did have several great moments during the summer and boy did we soak those moments in!

First up was John’s Birthday.  We had a nice chill celebration at home with just our family and made a delicious new recipe, black bean loaf, for dinner.
Fourth of July was next.  We celebrated with friends and family.  We attended the local parade.  Every year I say we are never going again and every year when it comes time I get nostalgic and have to go!

Then we were off to Grammy’s for fireworks!

We enjoyed a few days of swimming with friends, playing at the park and water balloon/gun fights in between all the working.

We were able to take a short trip to Fort Worth.  It was supposed to be Maddie’s big weekend seeing her love of 6 years, Justin Bieber.  But sadly, 3 days before the concert he canceled his tour.  Maddie was beyond heartbroken.  We took the kids to a water park to cheer Maddie up.  We were also able to fit in a Ranger’s game.   We had an absolute blast!

We were shocked that our timid child, Max, wanted to ride this giant slide over and over again!
It was a hot, 101 degrees the night of the game, but we made it through!  The kids loved their first professional game.

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