Our Summer Trip to San Marcos/Austin Texas

Our vacation this summer was small in comparison to our big Epic trip last summer.  It felt a bit like a let down staying in the mountainless Texas heat, but we really enjoyed our time with family and the chance to pause for a moment.

Our first stop was to Fort Worth to celebrate our grandma’s 86th birthday!  The kids enjoyed laser tag and bowling at The Main Event.

After a nice three day visit, we were off to San Marcos.  We were thrilled for the chance to stay with and see the kids’ Godparents, Tim and Lois.  They sure have a lovely, quiet home tucked away in the hill country.  It felt wonderful to sleep in and relax.  Everyone enjoyed watching the deer roam by the house and viewing the birds.  The chiggers were not nice to us though!

We enjoyed coming together at the end of the day to work together to get dinner on the table.  It was refreshing to eat whole food meals and to try new recipes. 

We chose to take a slow float tubing adventure and boy was it slow!  At the beginning, we were not moving at all (we had to use our hands as paddles to get going), but by the last half of the trip we were moving quickly and even hit some mini rapids.  At one point, Maddie was terrified when our tubes disconnected and we were drifting from each other.  The funny thing was: the water was moving so slowly that sometimes the wind pushed us backwards and the water was only a few feet deep.

Only a few miles away from the river spot was Canyon Lake.  What a beautiful place to visit.  It was fun to see Ethan playing like a little kid again with his siblings.  The kids had a hard time leaving.

We had so much fun at the lake, we went back the next day.

That evening we ventured to Austin.  Tim and Lois treated us to a fabulous dinner and then volunteered to drive our kids back home so that we could have a night out. While the kids were treated to s’mores, we were able to visit our friend Chris at his new whiskey distillery, Still Austin.  We enjoyed hanging out and taking a tour.  The Yard was a happening place with great energy!

Thanks to our hosts, we were able to relax much more than we anticipated on this trip.  It was lovely getting to see new sights and people we love.

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