Mother’s Day

Mother’s day was simply wonderful over here.  The kids all made me handmade cards and treated me to an oatmeal buffet for breakfast.  We went on a long bike ride and then played a few board games before heading off to evening church.  It’s crazy but there were zero fights between the kiddos.  That was a treat in itself!

The kids let me relax for an extra hour in the morning before they came in to give me hugs.
Max and Ethan made me a few cards.  Max’s of course were super cute and funny while Ethan’s card actually brought me to tears.  It was so very thoughtful.

While Maddie went with a more comical style.  Don’t worry I get her humor now.  You may be wondering where all the hairballs came from… Well, I had been saving them to give to the birds for their nest making, but then I read that hair is harmful to them.  So, that’s how Maddie acquired them!  Maddie is obsessed with giving all girls beards and mustaches, ha.

Then it was time for our bike ride.  Maddie convinced Max to try his bike without his training wheels and within 2 mins. he was off and riding.  He did fall a few times and cried a bit but got right back up and kept going!

Whew, this mother gig sure gets tiring but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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