Well, I am writing this post the last day of April.  Yes, four months late.  Christmas seemed to go by in a blur this year so we haven’t ever gotten around to writing about it.  The season seemed too fast paced for us and we didn’t seem to get into the holiday spirit as much as years past.  It could be the fact that our older children didn’t even get out of school until the 23rd leaving us rushing about until Christmas Eve.  That being said, we did enjoy our time together and all that Christmas brings.

As always we try not to overindulge the kiddos.  We went with the rule: something you need, something you want, something to read and something to wear.  They got a few extras too.

Here are a few pictures
Max was so happy to meet the “real Santa”.

We tried to make peppermint ornaments but they broke trying to get them out of the cookie cutters.  Pinterest fail!

We finally finished their tree house (though it did take us 359 days to complete, ha).  John worked so hard on it.

Um, well we may have indulged Max a bit with this present.  Grammy and Grandpa helped pitch in.  All he asked for was a giant monster truck.  We thought that was a simple request until we found out he was talking about a truck he could ride in, ha! 

Maddie likes to set up art challenges for us.  She had us design a gingerbread house and a Breakfast with Santa poster.  
We all love our new presents and games.  Boxes and Balls is our top choice. We enjoyed a day with Grammy after all the celebrations were over.  

Merry Christmas, or maybe I should say happy spring!  We are hoping this next year slows down a bit.




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