Thanksgiving Campout

Thanksgiving weekend was magical.  We spent actual Thanksgiving day half relaxing at home with games and the other half  visiting with  grandparents and cousins.
The next day we decided to go camping at our local state park.  Camping became a part of who we were this summer and it felt good to get back at it!  The kids enjoyed hiking for hours both days.  It sure was cold during the night though!  We each slept in multiple layers.
Max and Maddie even went mountain biking for a few miles.  It was Max’s first time to trail ride and boy was he a dare devil!

Sadly, most of the pictures we took can not be found.  I hope they did not get deleted…

Here are a few pics we still have from the weekend

The older kiddos and John hiked to a very high point.  Here is their view from up top. They had a blast!

We are certainly thankful for our health, family, and everything else life has to offer.


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