Max Turns 6

Our sweet Max celebrated his sixth birthday on the 1st of September.  He is and has always been such a little love.  He is a caring, sensitive, energetic little one.  He loves nature, making art, playing trains, knights, pirates, and he still loves playing with his two baby dolls.  He is still quite the momma’s boy and oh, how I love this.  I know all too well that these babies grow too fast.  I am trying to soak up all his babyish ways before it disappears.

I have been making my kiddos birthday shirts ever since Ethan turned one.  As always, I put it off until the night before!  I stayed up until close to 2 am finishing his sloth shirt!  His expression when he saw it made the long night worth it.   img_7868img_7864img_7876
Another tradition with all my babies has been to go to Chuck E Cheese with the cousins and Grammy to play games.
img_7879 img_7883The magic of being little is still here, if only for just a little bit longer.

Max wanted to have a jungle themed party.  We had a great time playing jungle games.
img_7921img_7927img_7958img_7968 img_7974We played: Anaconda tug of war, guess what animal is on my back, pin the tail on the lemur, jump over the crocodile,  all tangled up like a vine and Legos.  Max had a blast.

He got his first ever “big” kid toy, a Nerf gun!  He has been too worried about losing the darts to even play with it though, ha!  He wore his birthday crown for over a week.
Here is to many more magical years.  May you stay caring and sensitive, my little Baby Bear.



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