Our First Epic Trip – Pagosa Springs

After quick drive from Telluride through the San Juan mountains, we ended up in Pagosa Springs.  As we had only ever driven through here, pre kids, we didn’t know what to expect.  We didn’t have any official plans except to take it easy and rest.  As we entered the town, we saw scores of people tubing on a river that ran next to main street.  Epic Mom and the two older kiddos quickly made plans to go!

Sadly, there are no pictures of tubing since we didn’t want to risk the chance of losing our devices.  The tubing was such an adventure!  Each one of us flipped out of our tubes.  Maddie had a big spill within the first four minutes.  She made it through the first drop but then got sucked back into the tow and briefly disappeared.  Thank goodness for her life jacket.  This was so scary for her.

I would have enjoyed this better had I been able to wear my glasses.  I couldn’t see anything!  The end seemed pretty dramatic at the time.  Ethan and Maddie flipped out at the last drop.  Both kids and their tubes floated by me.  Since I was visually impaired,  I couldn’t even help them.  I began frantically screaming!  Turns out the river was very shallow at this point and they easily walked out!  After this we noticed every single person ending their ride the same way!  This spot also had a lovely hot spring flowing into it.

We were excited that our campground had a very shallow river running by our spot.  We ended up buying a tube for the kids.  They played for over two hours in the water.
img_7476 img_7479 img_7481 img_7483
This was a very relaxing pit stop.

Next up, Taos, New Mexico.

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