Our First Epic Trip – Salt Lake City

When we were planning this trip in the late spring, we thought that it would be nice to rent a place to stay, in the middle of the trip, in order to get a break from our camper.  So, after 2000 miles of driving, we stopped for 3 days in Salt Lake City to stay in a bungalow.  It was really great to have basic amenities that we take for granted.  For example: sometimes we had electricity, sometimes not,  for half of the trip we didn’t have running water, our method of cooking was using a propane stove and fighting the wind, and getting ready for bed meant that we had to shuffle our clothes off of our beds and rearrange the stuff in our tiny camper.

The kids enjoyed getting a bit of TV time as we had been electronic free up until this point and then again after this.  The parents enjoyed being able to cook soups and beans to stock up for the next stretch of the road trip.

To help them not become total zombies, we went to an awesome park directly across the street each night.  Sometimes twice a day.
IMG_7288 IMG_7282 IMG_7274
We attended church at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  The message was simply Episcopal, love and help your neighbor.  Sadly, several families let their children continue to disrupt the service so the cool vibes we were feeling quickly faded.

After church we went to a great museum called The Leonardo Museum.  We were all free to explore the wide range of exhibits.  We stayed here close to 4.5 hours and definitely could have stayed much longer.  Us parents were getting tired!
IMG_7209 IMG_7211 IMG_7231 IMG_7247 IMG_7256 IMG_7260 IMG_7264 IMG_7266IMG_7215

We ended our stay here watching the large firework exhibit at one of the many parks having firework displays.

Salt Lake City is such a cool place to visit.

Up Next Moab, Utah.

2 thoughts on “Our First Epic Trip – Salt Lake City

  1. You definitely picked the right word….EPIC!
    Looks like awesome family time! Love that we get to “share” with the pictures and stories! Thank you!
    Love you all!

  2. Well it looks like you guys had a wonderful time. But you know my idea of camping is the Hilton LOL. You all look so wonderful I’m sitting here crying wishing I was with you all my loveGeeg!!

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