Our First Epic Vacation – Mt Rushmore

After a few days of shorter drives around Denver and Colorado Springs, we ventured through the endless hay fields of eastern Wyoming to Custer, South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore.

We hadn’t planned take this route but this was Ethan’s top pick of things he wanted to see.  Most of us thought that our drive to see Mt. Rushmore was just a have-to thing that we would only do once in our lives.  We had heard that the monument was less than impressive from others that have taken the trip.  We were pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed touring the grounds and hiking to closer spots to take pictures.  We all agreed that we would want to come back if we are in the area.  We enjoyed learning the history of how the monument was created and Max even became a junior park ranger.  All of the kids enjoyed the “Souvenir Ice Cream.”IMG_6809IMG_6812

Shortly after we showed up to Beaver Lake Campground in Custer, our pop-up was tested in a hail storm.  In between the waves of the storm, the kids enjoyed the camp ground bikes and playground.  This was a great place to stay.IMG_3245IMG_6792IMG_6764IMG_6779 IMG_6786
After a beautiful and scary drive (the grade is really steep and roads are narrow) through the Big Horn Mountains, we drove on to Cody, WY.  Other than the RV park we stayed in, none of us enjoyed this town.  Well, the gun show was mildly entertaining.  After reading through the trip journal, we are seeing words like: Yuck, Hate, Tourist Trap, and Bad.IMG_6821 IMG_6824 IMG_6829
Next up, Yellowstone National Park!

2 thoughts on “Our First Epic Vacation – Mt Rushmore

  1. Great memories! I miss you guys so much! The kids are growing so fast! I can’t wait for the time you guys come out here so we can show you all the Redwoods, San Francisco, Alcatraz, ocean….etc! We would love to add to your epic journey (when the time is right…)
    Love you all!

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