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Max Turns 6

Our sweet Max celebrated his sixth birthday on the 1st of September.  He is and has always been such a little love.  He is a caring, sensitive, energetic little one.  He loves nature, making art, playing trains, knights, pirates, and he still loves playing with his two baby dolls.  He is still quite the momma’s boy and oh, how I love this.  I know all too well that these babies grow too fast.  I am trying to soak up all his babyish ways before it disappears.

I have been making my kiddos birthday shirts ever since Ethan turned one.  As always, I put it off until the night before!  I stayed up until close to 2 am finishing his sloth shirt!  His expression when he saw it made the long night worth it.   img_7868img_7864img_7876
Another tradition with all my babies has been to go to Chuck E Cheese with the cousins and Grammy to play games.
img_7879 img_7883The magic of being little is still here, if only for just a little bit longer.

Max wanted to have a jungle themed party.  We had a great time playing jungle games.
img_7921img_7927img_7958img_7968 img_7974We played: Anaconda tug of war, guess what animal is on my back, pin the tail on the lemur, jump over the crocodile,  all tangled up like a vine and Legos.  Max had a blast.

He got his first ever “big” kid toy, a Nerf gun!  He has been too worried about losing the darts to even play with it though, ha!  He wore his birthday crown for over a week.
Here is to many more magical years.  May you stay caring and sensitive, my little Baby Bear.



Our Kindergarten Graduate

Our sweet Max has officially graduated from Kindergarten.  He is the whole reason we started a kindergarten program this past year at our school.  Max, along with our other two children, is also the reason we opened Little Bird Preschool in the first place.  It was my hope to get to spend as much time with them in an environment that I helped create.

Max started his year slightly behind academically but miles ahead artistically.  He finished on top and is now a great reader and loves all things learning.  Since his birthday is September 1 (and actually makes the state cutoff for kindergarten) we always knew we would keep him home an extra year.  However when the chance came to teach him at our school, we jumped on it.  I am so glad for the opportunity to have been able to be his teacher.  We shared such sweet moments.

Here he is growing up at Little Bird
april2011 042 random march 088 schoollifemothersday 172waterday 076 earthweek 010coopdays and the pumpkin patch 040 pdc_camping_denver 086football, pumpkin carving and costumes 137 IMG_6181 IMG_6366 IMG_6376 Mothers_day_2016 048

And here is a sample of his favorite things he made this year
2016-06-23 09.57.23 2016-06-23 09.58.34 2016-06-23 10.00.122016-06-23 09.56.34

Max, we love you to the moon and back. We are so glad you have chosen to remain with us at school for another year.

Mother’s Day 2016

I am so very lucky to have three wonderful kiddos.  I am thankful I was chosen to be their mommy.  My life would feel so empty without them (maybe a little quieter that’s for sure)!

Our celebration started off with a pedicure and manicure arranged by Maddie.
Mothers_day_2016 002 Mothers_day_2016 005
Then sweet gifts!
13131562_10206124098330684_728189078312975842_o[1] Mothers_day_2016 007
We then went to church.  It was such a wonderful service and Ethan was an acolyte which made it even better.  Followed by a brunch with my mom and my sister’s family.  Sadly, we did not take a single photo of our afternoon together.

I always choose to stay home on Mother’s Day so I can be close to my babies.  Since we have been talking about making the kids a tree house since Christmas, I chose to have a family work day and finally get that thing started!  We are all excited about the final outcome.  The kids keep adding things to the wish list.  We will see if we can fulfill their dreams.
Mothers_day_2016 008 Mothers_day_2016 011 Mothers_day_2016 016
We wrapped up our day with a delicious meal shared outside and two family art projects.
Mothers_day_2016 023 Mothers_day_2016 032 13131626_10206123239709219_8428341324659184341_o[1] 13179090_10206123239749220_6705063872411156090_n[1]
It was truly a great day.  I love my family so very much!

Our First Camper Adventure

The Epic Family has been very busy lately between life and self employment, but we have also squeezed a few adventures in the middle of the rush.

We are gearing up for a long journey, in July, and decided to buy a camper to for our trip.  We are taking a month-long trip and were planning on staying in a tent half of the time and hotels for the rest.  We figured that the cost of our modest camper would equal the cost of lodging.  So, it was basically a wash.

We took our camper for its first trip a few weeks ago.  We had an awesome time and can not wait for our trip.  We slept so much better than tent camping.  Sara is now dreaming of tiny home living once again…pdc_camping_denver 017
It took way too long to figure out how to mount the support poles! pdc_camping_denver 055pdc_camping_denver 019
We went on a short hike and played in the river.pdc_camping_denver 025 pdc_camping_denver 027 pdc_camping_denver 028pdc_camping_denver 034
We need a healthy alternative to s’mores.  Any ideas?pdc_camping_denver 041
Sara got us out of bed to do some water color painting as the sun was setting.  We all really got into this activity.pdc_camping_denver 045 pdc_camping_denver 046 pdc_camping_denver 052
Overall, the weekend went well and we are definitely looking forward to the next time we get to venture out.

35 years of life

One of my main wishes in this life is to watch my babies grow.  I feel blessed to have gotten one year closer to that goal.  I truly feel like this year of Epic has been one of the best years of my life.

We celebrated my big day with a visit to my parent’s house and then a simple dinner of pizza at home.  Afterwards, we played soccer and Sharks and Minnows until it got too dark to see.  What a lovely evening it was.
sara's b day 038sara's b day 037sara's b day 045

The kids really worked hard on my birthday gifts.  They sure know me well.  They even treated me to a yoga class!sara's b day 054 sara's b day 053 I received the coolest tea mug ever.  I love the colors and pictures my babies created for me. sara's b day 062
A few nights later we had a lip sync battle with friends.  It was a blast.  sara's b day 063
Sometimes I catch myself wondering how I got so lucky.  We never know what life will throw at us, but for now I’m soaking it all in!  Thank you God for another year.

Easter 2016

Easter this year seemed very laid back.  John and I both wanted to go to Taos for Easter, but the kids protested!  They wanted to spend Easter in town, with family, at their own church.  We ultimately decided to stay home.  We were all glad we did.  Plus, even though it lightly snowed here, Taos was very cold and wet the three days we would have been there.

This year John and I felt strongly against egg hunts.  Mostly because of all the candy, but also because we feel it has no place for the Lord’s day and takes away from the reason we are celebrating.  Then again, I guess commercialized Christmas traditions could be argued as well (and definitely has been around here).  However, the kids really wanted to participate since this has been all they have known.  We ended up having an awesome glow in the dark hunt with friends, a simple hunt in the back yard, and a large hunt at the church.  In the end, we had a great time watching the kids have fun.  We didn’t feel that it took away from Easter at all.easter 082 easter 090

Maddie does not like to have her picture taken.  The photos of her below were part of our 2nd annual “pay Maddie $5 for a day of pictures.”  Oh how she delivered!easter 096 easter 097 easter 104 easter 114 easter 118 easter 121 easter 126 easter 132

We finished our day celebrating our Grammy’s birthday.  We enjoyed visiting with our family, playing games and participating in an egg drop.
easter 171 easter 192 easter 197
Happy Easter.

Spring Break

This year for spring break we went to Fort Worth to see our Geeg.  It was a quick four day trip.  Before leaving, we had a bit of down time at home.  The kids put on a crazy fashion show, games were played and Max made the jump from his tiny tricycle to a larger bike with training wheels.
DHDC spring break 016 DHDC spring break 036 DHDC spring break 090DHDC spring break 173

While in Fort Worth, we were treated to a day at Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  The children and adults had a blast.
DHDC spring break 100 DHDC spring break 109 DHDC spring break 113 DHDC spring break 116 DHDC spring break 128 DHDC spring break 134 DHDC spring break 144 - Copy
We also played at the local park.  It is a beautiful wooden park close to a pond.  We played tag for an hour then went to feed the ducks.  It was a bit rainy but it didn’t keep us from playing. DHDC spring break 164
Thank you for a great visit Grandma!

February Happenings

This winter we chose to stay inside quite a bit more than last year.  Well, the weather is finally warming up and we are coming out of hibernation.  My, it feels lovely getting outside more.

We are spending our days making volcanoes, shooting off bottle rockets, playing soccer, hiking, making mud pies and mud villages and just being outside.

Maddie went to a Rubix Cube workshop and mastered it!100 days of school 052 endoffeb 009 endoffeb 016 endoffeb 059 endoffeb 084 endoffeb 092 endoffeb 104 endoffeb 108 endoffeb 116 endoffeb 118 endoffeb 164
Ethan started taking piano lessons in January and knows a few songs already! endoffeb 167
Valentine’s Day was low key.  We exchanged simple cards and mostly ate fruit. We did get out to make art with the seniors where our Gigi once lived.  They were so grateful to have company.  It would be worth your time to adopt seniors in your area. Valentinesday 025 Valentinesday 104Valentinesday 112Valentinesday 122 Valentinesday 124

Winter At a Glance

Here is a quick glance at some of our winter happenings.  We have spent many days inside playing board games and reading chapter books.  While the temperatures haven’t dropped too low, we still feel so cold and have chosen to spend most of our days inside with a fire.

We welcomed the new year with a simple family meeting.  We made a 2016 poster and filled it in with all the things we are hoping to do this year.  Playing soccer, hiking, building a tree house, getting outside more topped the list!
artshow 183 
Max held a birthday party for his two babies.  He loves these dolls and thinks they are real! I owned them when I was a little girl.  Here are a few pictures of our other kiddos playing with these dolls when they were little! artshow 037Christmas09 083midsept 002
We were promised a heavy, wet winter this year.  So far we have only had one weekend of snow.  It was fun while it lasted though.  artshow 134 artshow 170 artshow 181artshow 025artshow 026
Here we are working on our paintings for a local art show at our museum of art.  We all love how our family Taos painting turned out.  artshow 223 artshow 228 artshow 256
Max found a random nail on the side of the wall to hang his painting.  I admire his child’s viewpoint.  artshow 261 artshow 263 artshow 268 artshow 272 artshow 274

We sure are enjoying the new year.  We have hit all the points on our to do list except starting our tree house.  The weather is so warm now so maybe soon…

One Year Ago…


Hello there Epic readers,

I, Sara, am feeling rather sentimental today.  It was exactly this time last year that John and I felt a major change taking place.  It left us scared but oh so excited.  How amazing this journey has been for our family.  We have certainly put our family first and my goodness, the change is incredible.  Being together is such a huge part of who we are, I can’t imagine the old days when we were living in “the fog”, so tired and lifeless.  I feel like I am totally back to my old normal self, pre opening a school.  I guess three years of extreme stress (mostly internalized) and late hours, really did make a huge difference.  I am so thankful to God for showing John the new plan and so thankful to John for going along on this crazy ride with me!

Here we are this weekend hanging our art at our local art museum.  We all worked together to paint a picture of our favorite place, Taos, N.M.  artshow 274

I love these guys!  Before you think things are always perfect over here, remember this is our blog.  We choose to share mostly our good moments here.  Trust us we have our fair share of craziness going on!  Most of our Epic happenings begin, or end with a bit of chaos.  The kids bicker quite a bit and the tv still gets turned on some weeks on a non tv day!

Epic has worked for us though, this plan to get our family back to the amazing family we were meant to be.  Our hearts are full and our minds are wide open.

We challenge you to be more present, be still, cherish the ones you love just a little longer.