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November at a Glance

November flew by, as all the months seem to do.  We enjoyed spending time with our family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We were disappointed though that we were unable to camp or even go hiking due to the busyness of our days over the break.

Here are a few pictures of our happenings

Max and Maddie stared soccer back up.   Ethan and his friend helped coach Max’s team (though they faded out quickly).

Homeschool days with our friend.

A boy and his dog, we are so glad Max got over his fear of dogs.

Maddie wants to be a chef/baker so bad.  We don’t normally allow sugary treats in the house so this was a special day for her as she was able to bake many treats.

Visiting the fam

Time to put up the tree!

We are so very thankful for this life and all the abundance of love and goodness that comes with raising three children.


Well, I am writing this post the last day of April.  Yes, four months late.  Christmas seemed to go by in a blur this year so we haven’t ever gotten around to writing about it.  The season seemed too fast paced for us and we didn’t seem to get into the holiday spirit as much as years past.  It could be the fact that our older children didn’t even get out of school until the 23rd leaving us rushing about until Christmas Eve.  That being said, we did enjoy our time together and all that Christmas brings.

As always we try not to overindulge the kiddos.  We went with the rule: something you need, something you want, something to read and something to wear.  They got a few extras too.

Here are a few pictures
Max was so happy to meet the “real Santa”.

We tried to make peppermint ornaments but they broke trying to get them out of the cookie cutters.  Pinterest fail!

We finally finished their tree house (though it did take us 359 days to complete, ha).  John worked so hard on it.

Um, well we may have indulged Max a bit with this present.  Grammy and Grandpa helped pitch in.  All he asked for was a giant monster truck.  We thought that was a simple request until we found out he was talking about a truck he could ride in, ha! 

Maddie likes to set up art challenges for us.  She had us design a gingerbread house and a Breakfast with Santa poster.  
We all love our new presents and games.  Boxes and Balls is our top choice. We enjoyed a day with Grammy after all the celebrations were over.  

Merry Christmas, or maybe I should say happy spring!  We are hoping this next year slows down a bit.




Easter 2016

Easter this year seemed very laid back.  John and I both wanted to go to Taos for Easter, but the kids protested!  They wanted to spend Easter in town, with family, at their own church.  We ultimately decided to stay home.  We were all glad we did.  Plus, even though it lightly snowed here, Taos was very cold and wet the three days we would have been there.

This year John and I felt strongly against egg hunts.  Mostly because of all the candy, but also because we feel it has no place for the Lord’s day and takes away from the reason we are celebrating.  Then again, I guess commercialized Christmas traditions could be argued as well (and definitely has been around here).  However, the kids really wanted to participate since this has been all they have known.  We ended up having an awesome glow in the dark hunt with friends, a simple hunt in the back yard, and a large hunt at the church.  In the end, we had a great time watching the kids have fun.  We didn’t feel that it took away from Easter at all.easter 082 easter 090

Maddie does not like to have her picture taken.  The photos of her below were part of our 2nd annual “pay Maddie $5 for a day of pictures.”  Oh how she delivered!easter 096 easter 097 easter 104 easter 114 easter 118 easter 121 easter 126 easter 132

We finished our day celebrating our Grammy’s birthday.  We enjoyed visiting with our family, playing games and participating in an egg drop.
easter 171 easter 192 easter 197
Happy Easter.

February Happenings

This winter we chose to stay inside quite a bit more than last year.  Well, the weather is finally warming up and we are coming out of hibernation.  My, it feels lovely getting outside more.

We are spending our days making volcanoes, shooting off bottle rockets, playing soccer, hiking, making mud pies and mud villages and just being outside.

Maddie went to a Rubix Cube workshop and mastered it!100 days of school 052 endoffeb 009 endoffeb 016 endoffeb 059 endoffeb 084 endoffeb 092 endoffeb 104 endoffeb 108 endoffeb 116 endoffeb 118 endoffeb 164
Ethan started taking piano lessons in January and knows a few songs already! endoffeb 167
Valentine’s Day was low key.  We exchanged simple cards and mostly ate fruit. We did get out to make art with the seniors where our Gigi once lived.  They were so grateful to have company.  It would be worth your time to adopt seniors in your area. Valentinesday 025 Valentinesday 104Valentinesday 112Valentinesday 122 Valentinesday 124

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

This season of Christmas was truly beautiful.  With John being around more, it made the season seem even more magical than before.  We were able to spend so much quality time together as a family and that is really the best gift ever.

Here are a few pictures to give you a glimpse of our celebration:
artshow 288 christmas 2015 002 christmas 2015 016 christmas 2015 024
As I post this post (4-24-2016, oops!), Maddie is about to become a Keeper of  Magic.   She has asked me at least 15 times this weekend and has very good evidence that Santa is not “real.”  It pains me to tell a second grader the truth, but she is just too darn bright and persistent.  I feel it would cause more harm than good to continue the game at this point. It is sad to think about this season of her little life shifting on.  Her sweet letters written with care will cease and her anticipation of certain events will as well.  I hope she will be able to keep the magic alive for Max a little while longer.  And if not, that may be just as well.  John and I go back and forth every year on the idea of giving up the secrets in hopes to simplify our holidays and bring them back to a truer meaning.  christmas 2015 035 christmas 2015 041 christmas 2015 046 christmas 2015 047 christmas 2015 055 christmas 2015 068 christmas 2015 084 christmas 2015 091
Ethan was an acolyte this year in our 10:30 pm service.  It was a beautiful service but it sure made for a late night.  Max and Maddie slept through the entire service!IMG_1197 IMG_1199

Winter Solstice

Our family doesn’t usually celebrate winter solstice due to the busyness of the season.  This year we wanted to take part in our earth’s celebration.  We researched and adapted a ritual of our own.

We started the night with a candlelit dinner.  Each child took turns lighting their own candle to remind us to retain our light during the dark days of winter.  Our peaceful moment was interrupted briefly with our kids struggling to light their candle.  We took a five minute break, recollected ourselves and the rest of the evening was beautiful.

Each of us listed our intentions for the new year and wrote down some of the negative things that happened during the year.  Then, we placed our paper into our fire pit and reflected in silence.  This was a lovely celebration for us.  It felt so good to have a night of pause before the rush of Christmas.

winter solstice 081 winter solstice 088 winter solstice 089 winter solstice 097

Let us all remember to keep our light shining bright even in the darkest of times.

Pre-Christmas Happenings

Here are few glimpses into our family’s holiday season.  This year, like every year, we made a paper chain to count down the days until Christmas.  Each chain link has an activity to do.  We add a mixture of fun family things along with service to our community.  We were very fortunate to be able to do all of these activities as a family on the correct day.  Last year, we both worked late hours and most of the activities didn’t happen.

winter solstice 119 winter solstice 124 winter solstice 128 winter solstice 130 coopsettinguptree maddies bday morning 070 coopsettinguptree maddies bday morning 124 coopsettinguptree maddies bday morning 135 winter happenings 032 winter happenings 027 winter happenings 016 random dec 023 coopsettinguptree maddies bday morning 202 coopsettinguptree maddies bday morning 182 coopsettinguptree maddies bday morning 158IMG_1031 IMG_1040


Thanksgiving 2015

Our family feels incredibly blessed.  We have so much to be thankful for.  We have two cars, a house, plenty of food to eat (six meals a day if we chose to), we own a successful business and our health.  We are especially thankful that our family has the amazing chance to be together everyday.  It has been such a wonderful journey having John join me at our preschool.  The ample family time we get is priceless.

Here are photos from all of our fall happenings and Thanksgiving celebrations
coopdays and the pumpkin patch 151 coopdays and the pumpkin patch 172 midoct 025 Thanksgiving_2015 055 Thanksgiving_2015 077 Thanksgiving_2015 109 Thanksgiving_2015 125 Thanksgiving_2015 135 Thanksgiving_2015 151 Thanksgiving_2015 173 Thanksgiving_2015 189 Thanksgiving_2015 201 Thanksgiving_2015 207 turkeyart 002 turkeyart 005
Wishing you all a year filled with many blessings.