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Enough is Enough!

We are well into the new school year and finally after 12 weeks things seem to be slowing down around here.  We all have  our daily routines established and for now things are rolling along smoothly.  We did hit a bump in September where it seemed us parents were just too tired to cope and it seemed the kids were given the opportunity to fall back to their old TV watching/ IPad days.  I declared, “Enough is enough” in October and away went it all for 30 days.  What an amazing break from the noise and distractions of our technology driven world.

It has been great getting back to what we do best, being a fun family!

We have been playing this balloon game for days.  The kids beg us to play any chance they get!  The rules are easy, keep the balloon in the air.  They have come up with many new rules to keep it challenging, including a doubles game.
img_8347 img_8350 img_8353
We enjoyed a Harry Potter Potions making night at the library.
img_5513 img_5516 img_5517
Maddie as Hermione Granger at character day at school.
Other random happenings at our house:
img_5577 img_5505 img_5876
And of course we had plenty of Halloween fun.
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What is “The Fog”?

Epic Parents here,

You may have heard us mention on this blog that we were in a fog.  Today we are going to describe our take on “the fog.”

For us, it was living a life in which we were on auto-pilot.  We were just trying to keep our heads above water and all of the distractions didn’t help.

We all had our own lives.  We all had things we wanted to achieve.  Our oldest kids had no less than 3 or 4 activities per week combined.   We had rigorous exercise schedules and demanding jobs.  Everyone was scattered during the week.  We rarely had a chance to come together for something as simple as an evening meal at the table.  We always had dinner at our table.  What was happening to us?

Here a short list of things that we discovered were keeping us in that fog:

  • Saying yes to everything regardless of the rewards to our family
  • Facebook (enough said)
  • TV
  • Allowing our jobs to distract us during our personal time
  • Smart phones (But, never at a restaurant!  But, what does that matter when we had them out in front of our loved ones at home)
  • Not coming together as a couple at the end of the day
  • Start up of our own business that Sara primarily started and operated
  • John ended up holding down the fort with the kids
  • Just being too tired from over-extension

Things can seem okay when you are living in the fog; but, it is just a sign that you are too comfortable with things and you don’t even notice.

Here is a way for you to avoid the fog:

  • See our above list and reverse it!
  • Take time to really see the ones you love
  • Say no to screen time
  • Read a book or talk
  • Never start a business unless you are both fully committed
  • Break the mold with routine
  • Limit distractions (Here are some ideas)
  • Be fully present around each other

Now that our distractions are limited, here are a few things we have been enjoying as a family:

  • Going to church as a family and praying together
  • Spontaneous change in plans
  • Park days
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Parent book club
  • Blogging
  • Puzzles and games
  • Entire weekend days of games and family activities
  • Getting out in our back yard
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Really taking time to focus on our kids and each other
  • Validating each others’ ideas
  • Parents staying up all hours of the night because the conversation is too good
  • Visiting neighbors and loved ones
  • Saying no to things that aren’t important
  • Running errands together instead of splitting up the tasks (this makes for more time to talk)
  • Enjoying technology free time together
  • Being in love!!!

Sound simple enough?  Wow, it really is!  You can do it and we encourage you to try.  Let us know how it goes.