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February Happenings

This winter we chose to stay inside quite a bit more than last year.  Well, the weather is finally warming up and we are coming out of hibernation.  My, it feels lovely getting outside more.

We are spending our days making volcanoes, shooting off bottle rockets, playing soccer, hiking, making mud pies and mud villages and just being outside.

Maddie went to a Rubix Cube workshop and mastered it!100 days of school 052 endoffeb 009 endoffeb 016 endoffeb 059 endoffeb 084 endoffeb 092 endoffeb 104 endoffeb 108 endoffeb 116 endoffeb 118 endoffeb 164
Ethan started taking piano lessons in January and knows a few songs already! endoffeb 167
Valentine’s Day was low key.  We exchanged simple cards and mostly ate fruit. We did get out to make art with the seniors where our Gigi once lived.  They were so grateful to have company.  It would be worth your time to adopt seniors in your area. Valentinesday 025 Valentinesday 104Valentinesday 112Valentinesday 122 Valentinesday 124

A Glimpse of Our Week

We are playing catch up a little around here.  My, how the time flies by!

The last two weeks have been very busy.  We have been: carting kids to and from play rehearsal and the performance, playing outside almost daily, having a family dinner, watching our oldest bridge over to Boy Scouts, our first fire in our fire pit, art with the seniors and enjoying another family church service.

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We are always striving to slow our lives down and breath in the stillness.  We did not get a chance to do that the last few weeks.  But, we didn’t struggle as we would have before we started this whole Epic journey.

We are excited for Spring Break and the chance to get away with our family and breath the cold mountain air.

A Glimpse of Our Week

Music, outdoor time and games, what could beat that?  I loved that with no coaxing the kiddos picked up a guitar to go along with the banjo.  This lasted over an hour. february_2015 057 february_2015 028 february_2015 026 february_2015 024 february_2015 017

We all made a Valentine for the person sitting to our right.  I figured this would take 3-5 minutes and actually took 20 minutes or so and we had to cut Maddie off.
We enjoyed a lovely picnic on our patio to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  february_2015 043 february_2015 037 february_2015 035

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday better know as Fat Tuesday this past Tuesday.  Yummy!Max enjoyed seeing his Godparents. february_2015 055 february_2015 052 february_2015 048

What a fun, fast paced life…

Musical Epicness

Epic parents here,

This morning I was awoken to the sweetest sound coming from our living room.  John and our two youngest were having a musical jam session.  I quietly watched them for five minutes before joining in.  This session lasted a solid two hours before we broke for lunch and a trip to the music store.

After buying three guitars, one keyboard, bass amp, wooden tambourine, a wah wah chime (whatever the hell that is!), and daydreams of playing local venues, we are ready to rock! Part of being Epic is not spending above our means, this money was budgeted and well planned out.  Well maybe we went a little crazy…2015-1-1Epic_family_week1_1.1.2015 011

Maddie really took to the guitar today.  From the minute John showed her the E minor chord, her eyes sparkled with the want of knowledge.  She was able to learn the A chord and really really wanted to learn the C chord, but that one is a pain.  She immediately wanted to learn how to play Little Boxes.  And, she even wrote lyrics for a song  called “Obstacle Course.”
FullSizeRender2015-1-1Epic_family_week1_1.1.2015 016

Max kept saying “1,2,3 Rock!”
2015-1-1Epic_family_week1_1.1.2015 013

Whew, being Epic is great, but tiring!
2014-12-31 Epic_family_week1_12.31.2014 018